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SPA was established in October 2004 by the SPA Act. This followed a Government decision to adopt a business oriented approach towards the running of the Ports for better management of all port related activities. It operates as an autonomous public authority under the governance of a Board of Directors.

SPA vision is to become the most vibrant and competitive port in the region. Its mission is to serve the citizen of Seychelles by responsibly developing and maintaining the properties and facilities to encourage sustainable economic growth and return on investment, while providing modern port facilities that build upon the character and environmental resources of our country.

SPA aims to achieve this by promoting National Maritime Development in collaboration with other stakeholders, striving to transform Port Victoria into a dynamic International Maritime Centre, ensure Port Victoria remains the most important Industrial Fishing, Cruise & Super yachts Port in the Southwest Indian Ocean, engaging the Private Sector in Port-related Developments and maintaining strong collaboration with other ports in the region. 



Head Office: PO Box 47, Mahe Quay, Victoria, Mahé, Seychelles

Tel: +248 429 47 00

Fax: +248 422 40 04

Enquiries: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Seychelles Postal Services (SPS) was formed through an Act approved by the National Assembly in 2010. SPS aim to be one amongst the leading operators in the provision of postal services and products in the region.

SPS main future objective is meeting customer expectations with an ever expanding range of services and value added products.



Head Office: P.O.Box 60, Victoria, Mahé, Seychelles

Tel: +248 4 28 85 55

Fax: +248 4 22 44 17

General Enquiries: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Seychelles Public Transport Corporation was established in December 1977, to cater for the commuting needs of the people. The Corporation was established under Section 3 of the Seychelles Public Transport Corporation Decree. SPTC is fully owned by the Seychelles government.

At present, SPTC is the only public transportation service provider in Seychelles, and aapproximately 50,000 people, Seychellois and visitors alike make use of their services on a daily basis.

SPTC vision and mission is to become the first choice of transport for commuting in Seychelles, providing efficient, safe, reliable affordable and modern transportation, and achieving excellence for their customers, employees and shareholders.

Providing an efficient and economical system of public transport is at the fore front of SPTC. However, the Corporation is formed around other non core activities such as, bus hires, advertising and mechanical services.

In an effort to improve its services, the corporation planned to engage in some major projects. In the year 2014 and 2015, SPTC plan to spend SR12.5 million respectively in purchasing of new buses. In 2013, work started to give the Victoria Bus terminal a new facelift. The estimated cost of the project is SR9 million. In March of this year, SPTC officially launched a newly constructed bus depot. The project has cost around R2.4 million and was financed by the SPTC



Head Office: PO Box 610, Head Office, English River, Victoria, Mahé, Seychelles

Tel: +248 428 02 80

Fax: +248 432 24 25

 Enquiries: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

STC was created in March 2008, in the early part of the economic transition within the country, in line with new directions the Government chose for its progress. It is governed by a Board of Directors, and is commercially autonomous in its operations, not dependent on the government budget. It is, however subject to government oversight, being a public commercial enterprise.

In late 2008, Seychelles embarked on a major macro-economic national reform process, supported by the IMF. The commercial environment underwent significant changes, with more private importers entering into the trading business, fuelling competition within the sector. Both the supply and demand sides of the Seychelles economy underwent major transformation. In line with the economic changes, STC had to adapt itself by focusing on core activities, streamlining its workforce, and improving its existing services and product portfolios to better match new stakeholder expectations. STC is now a trading company, with its core business being the imports, storage and distribution of essential and basic foods.

STC envisioned becoming the leading Trading Company in Seychelles. With regards to their mission the Company aims to be consumers’ best choice when looking for value they can trust. In order to achieve their vision and mission STC plans to:

  • Ensure consistent supply of quality goods and services at affordable prices
  • Maintain financial stability and improve revenue
  • Strengthen and build on their resource capabilities and
  • To build mutually beneficial partnerships with all stakeholders.




Head Office: P O Box 634, Latanier Road, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles

Tel: +248 4285000

Fax: +248 4224735

The Societe Seychelloise D’Investissment Limited (SSI) is a company wholly owned by the Government of Seychelles. SSI was established on Mau 20th, 2008 in accordance with the Companies Act, 1972.

One of the primary roles of SSI is to guide the strategy and oversee the performance and objectives of all government owned commercial parastatals and agencies.

SSI mission and vision is to undertake investments in order to support economic development and growth so as to maximise returns for the Government which is the major shareholder in these commercial parastatals.

The two main objects of the company are:

  • To be the investment vehicle for the Government of Seychelles in key strategic sectors; and
  • To operate as the Holding Company for all commercial ventures of the Seychelles Government.


Website: N/A

Head Office:

Tel: +248

Fax: +248

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