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Seychelles Petroleum Company Ltd (SEYPEC)

The Seychelles Petroleum Company Limited (SEYPEC) was created on 2nd April 1985 to take over the responsibility of importing, marketing and distributing petroleum products in Seychelles.  As a Government-owned parastatal, run entirely by Seychellois nationals, it has been a credit to the nation’s growing self-reliance and expertise in a high technology sector.  Recognizing that energy is the lifeblood of any economy, the Company has consistently and reliably ensured supply of fuel and strives to continually improve efficiency, maximize cost-effectiveness and remain a competitive force in the region.

Up to March 2012, SEYPEC was fully integrated, its activities spread from upstream (oil exploration) and downstream (tanker ownership, supply and distribution of petroleum products).  With the recent segregation of the Exploration division, the Company aims to review and strategize its remaining sectors, namely, the domestic market, bunkering and aviation refuelling activities, and tanker ownership.

The mission of SEYPECis to ensure the security of supply of petroleum for Seychelles energy needs.  In so doing, it shall provide its customers with fast, responsive and reliable services and quality products.  SEYPEC will engage directly or indirectly in all petroleum-related activities that will add value to its business. Its visionis to become the leading oil company in the Western Indian Ocean, making Seychelles a regional and strategic hub for petroleum-related activities.



Head Office: New Port, P.O.Box 222, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles

Tel: +248 4290600

Fax: +248 4224456