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Public Utilities Corporation (PUC)

The Public Utilities Corporation (PUC) is a parastatal body wholly owned by the Government of Seychelles. It is governed by the Public Utilities Corporation Act of 01st January 1986 and subsequent amendments.

Public Utilities Corporation is a vertically integrated utility company. It is the only utility company providing electricity, water, and sewerage services in Seychelles. Its major operations include:

  • Generation, transmission, distribution and sale of electrical energy on the main islands of Seychelles.
  • Treatment of raw water and supply of potable water to the population of Seychelles.
  • Treatment and safe disposal of waste water to the environment.  

PUC’s vision is to be model organization working for the sustainable and socio-economic development of the Seychelles. Its mission is to provide an efficient, safe and reliable supply of electricity and treated water, to treat and dispose wastewater, paying due regard to the environment and customers’ interests

PUC aims to achieve this goal by;

  • Ensuring long term financial sustainability and viability
  • Improving operational performance
  • Enhancing water supply
  • Improving commercial operations and customer care
  • Enhancing sales of electricity, water and sewerage services


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