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Property Management Corporation (PMC)

The Property Management Corporation was set up as a body corporate in 2004 with the aim of ensuring the equitable provision of living accommodation to the people of Seychelles by sale, lease or rental of flats and houses in accordance with the policy of the Government. On the 1st of February 2009, the Government decided that since most houses maintained by PMC were sold to their occupants under the Home Ownership Scheme, the functions of the PMC should be undertaken by the HFC for greater efficiency. Following that decision, PMC's Assets and liabilities as well as its activities and operations were amalgamated with those of HFC. This decision was reversed officially on 1st September 2013, when the Board of Director of PMC approved a Resolution to split the business affairs and activities of PMC from that of HFC and thus allowing PMC to assume its principal function as per the Property Management Corporation Act 2004.

PMC vision is to become a respectable & high-performing government agency fostering the creation of neighborly residential estates. Its mission is to ensure equitable provision of living accommodation to the people of Seychelles by the sale and lease of flats & houses and management of established housing estates in accordance with the policy of the government.

For the future and in pursuit of their vision over 2014-16, PMC plan to commit resources to the following key areas:

 1. Strengthen collaboration with primary stakeholders.

2. Rationalize financial policies & procedures.

3. Enhance customer service.

4. Streamline core services.

5. Reinforce information system.


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Head Office: RM 4, Ocean Gate House, Mahe, Seychelles

Tel: +248 467280

Fax: +248 4610297

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